Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Want A Charmeuse Robe

Ho ho ho Santa exclaimed! The boys hurriedly went downstairs but they saw daddy making the noise. They talked for sometime and followed by a loud noise with a mixture of laughing and crying. I could hear them talking upstairs while I was busy searching for Christmas lingerie to give as a gift for myself.

Look what I have found? A plus size nice red charmeuse robe. I love it for its color with matching leopard design on the side. So if you are thinking what to give me this Christmas, you can buy me this one. Deal?


Mom's Place said...

nyahahahah ako din gusto nako na kay sexy hahaha

OHMYGUMS said...

whoa! that's hot like it :)

Elvie said...

wow! that will definitely make you look so sexy in bed :p

by the way, followed you in GFC, hope you could follow back. :)