Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fun In The Sun With Tanning Lotion

Its almost Christmas holiday and we are excited for our family reunion in Dumaguete. We are organizing a mini-reunion on December 26 which is my hubby's natal day and our anniversary for our civil wedding. Whew.. time fly so fast these days.

Aside from this special event, we will spent most of our days in the beach. As usual, that is what my boys always loves to do so as early as now, I am already preparing for clothes to wear and things to bring especially the tanning lotion. I went to Watson the other day and found some really nice sunless tanning lotion. I did not think twice in buying it as I must admit, I don't like the sun. I don't need it, I have the most beautiful brown skin already. lol..

Really, during holidays, we always spend most of our days in the outdoor. It entails a lot of walking, swimming and playing with the kids, along the beach, river or even just outside the house. One thing in common = fun in the sun. Not really for me, but I could also just bring an umbrella.

I have made a few list of places to visit:
1. Forest Camp - we went there a few years ago and we loved it.
2. Malatapay Market - every Wednesday, there is a market here where farmers come to this place to sell their animals, vegetables and other goods.
3. Apo Island - from Malatapay, we will rent a boat on the way to this island.
4. Rizal Boulevard - an afternoon walk here is the city's jewel. It has become a landmark of this city. Its nice to watch the sunset here.
5. Whale watching at Bais City - the boys will surely rock!
6. Palinpinon - sulfur bath (excited mode)

We are all excited already. Above all, I will be a full time mommy as I will only bring one helper. So whats out for my mommy tricks! This is the only time to reconnect with our kids, bond with them from morning till evening, eats with them.

Before I forget, if you happen to know an affordable tanning lotion, buzz me okay?

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Hazel said...

never been to Dumaguete! but have a great trip ahead! and wow you're hitting the beach this season! Lucky! :)