Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Earn From Adgitize

My advertising in Adgitize for Meet and Greet expired 2 days ago. And as expected, my points also came down which in turn, less earnings.

So today, with the new template and badge, I renewed my Viva Pinay ads. If you happen to see my beautiful badge, click it and you will be redirected to my beautiful blog. I guess you also like beautiful post from a beautiful blogger. hahaha..

See you in the Adgitize network. I simply love to advertise at Adgitize!


supermommyjem said...

Hi sis,

I like your new blog template, it looks neat and lively but I still like the old badge.

Happy Blogging!

Eric : Manila Blog said...

great new looking theme! I love it spacious and clean!

Kayce said...

i so love your blog template sis! pila bayad nimo ani?

mona said...

nice one, i love it so neat!