Friday, December 3, 2010

Cartoon Profile Picture

There is a call on Facebook to change your profile pic to cartoons that reads like this: I will just copy/paste here.

"Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday (December 6) there should be no human faces on Facebook, but an invasion of memories! This is for a campaign against violence on children."

Here is mine:


A lof of my FB friends answered to this call and my news feed looks beautiful. Head on to Facebook and change your profile pic. Dont forget to add me as your friend okay?


Grace said...

I can't wait to change mine,, Jasmine (oops, Tina pala!)

Good morning, sis!

EMA said...

it's for a good a good cause and i enjoy looking at the cartoon characters I have forgotten over the years :D mine is Candy from Candy candy.. japanese cartoon

mona said...

wow i like it nice one still thinking what the best cartoon for me hehe

Lifestyle & Homemaking - Kat said...

ay ka cute sa iyang gipili...mag ilis pod diay ko hehehe

Momma Gonnabe said...

It's a fun Facebook Meme and it's for a good cause too so I changed mine as well ;)

Very pretty site by the way!

avatarlady said...

Will my avatar do?

Dhemz said...

I read about this one on one of the blogger's post...very interesting campaign...huli na ako sa balita..d. kasi ako active don...I used to be...but not anymore.