Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Build My Own Watch

As a working mommy, there are a few things that I must carry around:

1. cellphones - I am incharge in Sales and most new customers and/or suppliers pass to me then I will forward to whoever is incharge in the office. I always carry around 2 cellphones, my Blackbold 9000 for Globe and Motorola phone for Sun.

2. watch - I wear my watch when I am at work or I am outside the house.

3. jewelries - I used to wear fashion jewelries but with my busy schedules, I prefer to wear a pair of earrings and a watch.

But I found a trick now.. why not wear a fashionable bracelets with a matching watch? What is more appealing is that I can actually build my own watch. Visit Chunky Blings for more affordable yet fashionable finds.

This is my favorite, its nice and neat perfect for my simple daily outfit. 


Anonymous said...

why don't you try this?
a bracelet watch! :)

it's very nice in actual. :)
specially the color white! :)

Dhemz said...

pretty nifty!