Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Update on Paypal to BDO

After the approval of my account in BDO for electronic banking, I found out that the money initiated a week ago has been successful. Its just that the charges are quite high.. Imagine sending USD 10.00, credited in my account = only around Php 210.00.

But all okay for me, all I want is the possibility of transfering money from Paypal to my bank account.

I will be updating my post soon to give a detailed information on how to do it.


rjs mama said...

sobra naman charges :( have you tried eon card of unionbank

ayessa said...

I agree sobrang laki ng charge ng BDO since yan din gamit ko but I'm thinking of using the eon card dahil sabi nila mababa ang charges

Lisa said...

They charged you way too high, more than 50%. Can you not apply for a debit card from paypal? That's what I'm using but I got it when I was in the US. Now I'm using it here in the Philippines to buy groceries and shop. I'm not sure if it's possible to apply from the Philippines but if not, maybe if you have a relative in the states, you can use their address and ask your relative to send the card to you here in the Philippines when they receive it.